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The Maverick ET-733 Wireless BBQ & Meat Thermometer review

I got the opportunity to do a review on the Maverick ET-733 Redi Chek Wireless BBQ and Meat Thermometer. I am an owner of their previous ET-732 model which got me pretty anxious in doing a review of their newest model. I would like to express my thanks to Darren Keller from Maverick industries for providing me a sample of their Maverick ET-733 to make this review possible.

Here's a little history and bibliography of the company that was provided to me by Maverik:

"Edward Mackin, the current Owner and President founded Maverick Industries, Inc. in 1982. Shortly thereafter Peter Chapman joined the company as the National Sales Manager. Together they form the current management and ownership of Maverick.  The company started making electric barbecue grills and gained immediate acceptance at the higher end of the retail scale.  Most of the initial customers were Department Stores and Specialty Shops.  In the 1980’s the company expanded its line to include ceramic indoor grills.  During this time the indoor grill business grew to a market of about 3 million units and Maverick was a leader in the category.

In the late 1980’s – early 90’s the indoor grill business became saturated with many entries into the category.  Margins suffered and prices eroded and the company expanded into several small electric items including steamers, pasta makers, toasters, and other basic products while still maintaining a grill line.

In 1991 Maverick introduced the first digital cooking thermometer – the BarbBChek.  It was introduced as an instant read cooking thermometer for outdoor grilling.  The unit was an instant success and achieved widespread distribution.  It was still a minimum part of Maverick’s business but growth was steady and the product line was expanded with a model with more detailed cooking temperatures, a digital model, and a long probe model.  In a very short time the thermometer line became a major part of Maverick’s business.
Also during the 1990’s the USDA embarked on a campaign to educate American consumers and cooks to use a meat thermometer to test all of the foods to make sure that they were cooked to the proper temperature.  This safety issue contributed to growth of the sales of meat thermometers.
In the 1997 the first Thermometer Fork was introduced in an infomercial and became an instant success.  The product was made for all major retailers and Maverick produced the product for such companies as Williams-Sonoma, Restoration Hardware and Sharper Image.  We are holders of a design patent on this product in our version.  The product was heavily promoted, discounted and quickly the lower end of the market went through the marketing curve and within two years the product was down trending due to quality problems at the low end.  During this time Maverick’s higher quality products continued to sell well at the upper end of the pricing.

In 1998 Peter Chapman had the idea to make a remote cooking thermometer and developed the first unit – the ET-7.  The unit is covered by five US Utility Patents.  Again this unit met the customer need and was a real success at upper end retail.  The product has been written up in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times with favorable reviews.  The company expanded the remote thermometer line with a single probe ET-72 and a Smoker Thermometer ET-73.  The ET-73 was improved up with the introduction of the ET-732 which increase both the range and the heat resistance of the probe and wire.

Maverick is currently one of the leading producers of digital thermometers in the United States.  The company holds eleven utility patents and two design patents on thermometers.  The line has been extended to include Candy & Deep Fry Thermometers, Refrigerator/Freezer thermometers and digital oven thermometers along with a complete line of bi-metal products.

Maverick supplies products under the BarbBChek brand, RediChek brand, Williams-Sonoma brand, Sur La Table, Hamilton-Beach brand and Chef’s Catalog brand. In addition Maverick makes digital thermometers OEM for several resellers such as “Big Green Egg” and others.  The company has the capability of designing special product for each customer and maintaining margin requirements."

Let’s get started on this review shall we.

When I received the Maverick ET-733 it was well packaged to ensure no damaged would incur during the shipping. You can also see that lots of care was taken in the design of the packaging of the ET-733.

The Maverick ET-733 comes with the following components:

  • 1-Receiver unit
  • 1-Transmitter unit
  • 2-Removable stainless steel probes which can be used for both Food and the BBQ
  • 2-Probe Clips
  • 4-AAA Batteries
  • 1-Set of instruction/user manual

The Features of the Maverick ET-733:

300 feet range signal range (might vary a bit if receiver is inside of house);
Both probe wires are 3 feet long and are rated for 716°F;
This model can Monitors 2 things at once! (1 food and 1 BBQ or 2 foods or 2 BBQS);
2 straight hybrid probes which can be used to monitor food or grill;
Receiver stores settings even when unit is turned off;
6 pre-set temperatures for Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Turkey;
9 Bonus/extra pre-set temperatures for Game meats, Deer, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Rabbit, Boar, Duck, Bird & Fish;
You can select between Fahrenheit and Celsius;
Built in alerts which alerts you when pre-set temperature is reached;
Loss of signal alert if you go out of range for more than a minute;
The receiver will display 32°F to 572°F;
In BBQ mode you can set the high alert range from 140°F to 572°F and 32°F to 554°F for the low alert range;
The Maverick ET-732 probes are compatible with this model;

When I opened the package I was quite impress with the receiver which as a larger display compared to their older model ET-732. This receiver also has a nice back light which convenient when working in low light area. This model also as a nice built in little stand so you can place your receiver upright on pretty much any surface. I also notice that it now comes with two nice straight hybrid probes with 3 feet of wiring each which can be used to monitor meat or ambient temperature of your Kamado Joe or smoker with a rating of 716°F. The transmitter is basically the same size as there older model ET-732.

The ET-733 receiver unit has a larger LCD display compared to the older model and has a nice built in back light of the display. Also the receiver is a little larger the the previous unit. The receiver has a nice range of up to 300 feet with a built in out of range alert that alerts you if you go out of range for more than a minute. This units comes with 6 pre-set temperatures for Beef, Veal, Lamb, Pork, Chicken and Turkey and 9 Bonus/extra pre-set temperatures for Game meats, Deer, Elk, Moose, Buffalo, Rabbit, Boar, Duck, Bird, and Fish. Once you have selected the pre-set meat you can raise or lower the temperature setting to your desired one. You can also set your preferred doneness level of meats and fish for the pre-sets to Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, and Well done.

Receiver front view
Nice back light for night use
 Receiver rear view

Receiver easy access battery compartment
Size difference between both new model and old unit!

The transmitter is basically the same size as the previous model. The only difference from the previous unit is that it can monitor two grills at ounce or two food at ounce or a combo of both (1 food and 1 BBQ or 2 foods or 2 BBQS/smokers). To get at the battery compartment of the transmitter you need a small Philip screw driver which can be inconvenience. 

 Transmitter front view
Selection button for the Fahrenheit or Celsius selection mode and the on/off button
 Full back view 
Note the Philips screw to access battery comp. 

If you have two BBQ or smokers you will love the fact that you can monitor two grills at ounce or two food at ounce or a combo of both (1 food and 1 BBQ or 2 foods or 2 BBQS/smokers). This feature can be very useful for Pitmasters on the BBQ circuits. As you can see so far the Maverick ET-733 is quite an upgrade compared to the ET-732. If you own the previous ET-732 you can also use its probe on the ET-733 which are quite compatible!

 Monitoring food and pit
Monitoring two pit

When monitoring the ambient temperatures of the cookers/smoker you can pre-set the high alarm temperature setting from 140°F to 572°F and the lower alarm settings from 32°F to 554°F.
First learning to set and use this unit took me a little bit of figuring out but it was quite easy to use after I figure it out! It took me approximately 15 minutes to learn how to use this unit by myself. The pre-set features of this unit are quite useful for the novice Griller and smoker. I actually like this unit more than my old ET-732 model but this can be personal preference. This unit might take you 20 seconds more to set compared to the older model to set but it’s totally worth it. Like the older model you always turn on the receiver first then the transmitter.  After you have set a desired setting it will keep it stored in its internal memory even if you turn the unit off and back on again. You can also select between Fahrenheit and Celsius. I will show you how to adjust and use the Maverick ET-732 in the video bellow:

Overall this new model is quite impressive and loaded with features. If you only have one BBQ or smoker or like simple gadget the Maverick ET-732 might be a better choice but if you grill different food at ounce often on the grill or use multiple cooker at ounce then the Maverick ET-733 is more useful. The Maverick ET-733 is also extremely useful tool for the competitive BBQ circuit. I love the fact that the probes between the ET-732 and ET-733 are interchangeable. The maverick ET-733 is definitely an excellent BBQ accessory to add to your grilling arsenal! I really like all the pre-set features which I find are real convenient for the novice grillers. I also loved the large LCD display of the receiver and built in back light of the display. Although this unit ended up being quite simple to use. You still do need to read through the instructions a bit to learn how to use all the features. The only few thing I didn't like about this unit is that you do need a tiny screwdriver to get into the battery chamber on the transmitter but not the receiver unit. This can cause you to lose little screws when working outdoors and especially in a grassy or sandy environment.  The screws can easily strip if not the proper size screw driver is used. Also the probes could have been longer. A 6 feet to 12 feet of wiring for the probes would have been nice addition. The battery life of the unit is actually quite good!

From a side note:

You can also get a better quality set of probes that are water resistance and made in the USA here: Better Probes which I strongly recommend if grilling in the rain a lot!

You can order the Maverick ET-733 here ET-733

You can order the maverick ET-732 here ET-732

Company contact info:

Maverick Industries, Inc. 

94 Mayfield Avenue
Edison, New Jersey 08837.


Tel: (732) 417-9666
Fax: (732) 417-9673

There Facebook page: MaverickIndustriesInc

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