Thursday, 2 February 2017

Check out the 2017 Kamado Joe Changes!

The 2017 Kamado Joe line up as gotten some major innovative changes such as:

New Gasket:

There new gasket which is rated at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit of continuous exposure. Which means this new gasket is pretty much indestructible during use. 

Upper Vent:

They have redesign there upper vents with a new design which prevents rain from getting inside there cooker.

Air Lift Hinge and bands:

Also the company has upgraded there to a thicker, stronger bands and hinge system to a perfectly counterbalance hinge system made by Weber Knapp to there new 2017 models which is a major improvement to there grills. Whit the new hinge system you can practically lift open the lid on a Big Joe with only your little finger. Only 8 lbs of force is needed to raise a 175 lbs lid from 0 degrees to 70 degrees which is pretty impressive.

Fire Bowl:

This year they came out with there new fire bowl design which will revolutionize all the fire bowls on the market. This multi-piece design has a base and five sections that fit together with a "tongue and groove" system and are held together by the Stainless Steel cover. Which will most likely fix the industry issue of cracking fire bowls witch time will tell but I am pretty confident that it will. 

Stainless Latch

Self activating latch system for a category leading, ultra air tight system.

Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System:

Flexible Cooking System with Deflector plates as a Standard.

Pull out Ash Drawer:

They added a pull out ash drawer to make cleaning of your Joe  a breeze. 

Better Side Shelves and handle and Bigger Thermometer

All I can say that I am very impress with there 2017 Kamado Joe line up and love the fact that they keep innovating there product in trying to become the best Kamado cooker in the world and the best built one. So far they are doing excellent job at it. You can see proof of this on the recent upgrades they did to there 2017 models. To me they definitely have the best ceramic cooker on the market.

They are also coming out withe there own BBQ Wizard temperature control system later in the year which is pretty slick and very innovative in design. You will be able to control it and monitor it anywhere you have a cell signal or WiFi which is pretty cool.

Also check out there new Kamado Joe cart that will be available later in the year as accessory. Its pretty sharp looking and will definitely pimp up your grill! 

Source of all the photos on this page: Bobby Brennan

I have now own my first Kamado Joe for over 7 years now and my second one for about two years. So far I have been impressed on the quality of there products. I also find that they have the best customer service in the industry. The reason they are the best is that the owner will go the extra mile and then some to satisfy all of its customers. He also get all of its customers involved in the design of there products. What I also like about this company is that they actually listen to the feedback from there customers and make changes as per there recommendation. 

The company also went the extra miles and hired great people like John Seltzer to make awesome cooking video using there product to help folks like me improve there grilling experience using there Joe. They also hired recently the pro chef Eric W Gephart to help its customer with any cooking questions or for grilling recipe ideal. 

As you can see this company is phenomenal and his basically run like a mom and pop business! If your looking for a new grill I strongly suggest that you check out the Kamado Joe line up and become part of the Joe family. There ceramic cookers are definitely worth there weight in gold :)

You can find your nearest Kamado Joe Dealer here: Dealer Locator

Kamado Joe
865 North Berkeley Lake Road, NW, Suite 6
Duluth, Georgia 30096

Phone (Toll-Free): (877) 215-6299

Phone (Metro Atlanta): (678) 866-0642

Fax: (678) 866-0643

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