Sunday, 16 April 2017

Bacon-wrapped Armadillo Eggs

Since today is Easter I decided to do my own version of Easter eggs. So me and my son decided to make some bacon-wrapped Armadillo Eggs for our Easter supper. These are quite easy to make and very delicious!


       • 3 Mild Italian Sausage
       • ½ LBS Ground Beef
       • ½ LBs Ground Pork
       • 8 Jalapeno peppers
       • ¼ cup fresh diced chives
       • 1 pack sliced Bacon
       • ¾ Brick cream cheese (4 oz)
       • 1-Cup fine grated cheddar cheese
       • 2 TBSP Spicy Montreal Steak seasoning
       • 1 TBSP bacon flavored Seasoning
       • favorite pork rub


Start up your Kamado Joe and get it up to 250F for indirect cooking or use Grillgrates. You could use many different types of wood for this, although I usually use Cherry, Pecan, Maple or Apple.

Using the indirect method

Using Grillgrates instead of indirect method

Mix the ground pork, ground beef, Mild Italian Sausage meat, chives and the Spicy Montreal Steak seasoning extremely well.

Cut the top off the jalapeno pepper and core the pepper to remove the seeds and membrane. Its recommended to wear nitrate gloves when handling Jalapenos peppers.

Mix together the cream cheese, bacon flavored seasoning and grated cheddar.

Fill all the cored peppers with the cream cheese filling.

Take some of the meat mixture and wrap it around the pepper. Make sure none of the pepper is visible. Roll it into a egg-shape.

Now wrap them with a slice of bacon (I used two slice per armadillo eggs).

Coat them with your favorite pork rub

Place the armadillo eggs in your Joe and Smoke for about 2 hours.

You want the temperature of the meat to be 160 F. Also if you notice the cheese starting to bubble out of the eggs, it is likely done.

Enjoy and Happy Grilling!

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