Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Grilling breakfast in wind storm

Well today I woke up with no power due to very strong winds. With no power I decided to cook breakfast on the BBQ. No storm will stop me from grilling! I decided to use my Kamado Joe cooker.

I was quite impress how easy the Kamado Joe was to light in the high wind condition. To make my breakfast I decided to use the Kettle-Q griddle since I could cook multiple eggs and ash browns on it at ounce. It was a real challenge to put spices on the breakfast while I was grilling. The wind gust of 110km/h was a challenge and half. The wind blew away my spice bottle a few times and even blew one of my plate away. But with a little determination, speed and a juggling act I managed to cook my breakfast on the grill in this storm. No matter what mother natures throws at you the Kamado Joe always makes awesome food!

Happy Grilling!

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