Wednesday, 4 January 2017

BBQ Guru Golf Club 5 in 1 BBQ Tool Review

Here's my review of the  BBQ Guru Golf Club 5 in 1 BBQ Tool. I ordered this one back in March 2012 looking for a new way to light my Kamado Joe. It took two week for my order to arrive which is fair for a parcel coming by regular mail. (picture above was obtained by there website.

So far I find this tool pretty easy to use and versatile. You can use it to steer your hot or cold lump, to lift hot grates, to clean the ashes under the fire box. The Guru Golf Club 5 in 1 tool is designed to be used with a standard propane torch or to be used with a propane tank with special hose attachment. When lighting the charcoal to get maximum effect place the flame and tip under the lump.

Here a link from there website with more details: Guru Golf Club tool manual

I rate this unit 3.5 out of 5 star due to the fact that you can easily light the lump charcoal with a regular Map torch, Kamado Joe Lighting cubes, or electric lighter which is just has fast to light the fire. I also found that my map torch was a lot faster to light the lump charcoal. i like that you can use it to lift your grates or to stir the charcoal around. This tool is handy if you want to light your grill while camping or on the road.

You can get the BBQ Guru Golf Club 5 in 1 BBQ Tool from here The BBQ Guru

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