Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Crunchy Spicy BBQ Chicken Leg Quaters


·       6-8 Chicken leg Quarters
·       2 TBSP Raging River (Dizzy Pig Spices)
·       1 TBSP Jamaican Firewalk (Dizzy Pig Spices)
·       1 TBSP Tsunami Spin (Dizzy Pig Spices)
·       1/2 TBSP Dizzy's Red Eye Express (Dizzy Pig Spices)
·       1/2 Cup flour
·       1/2 Cup corn meal
·       1/4 Cup bread crumbs
·       1/2 cup milk
·       1 Large egg
·       1/4 Cup Franks Redhot Wings Sweet Heat BBQ sauce
·       1 Cup Diana Sauce Gourmet Rib & Chicken sauce


1. In a bowl blend all the spices;

2. In a plate or large bowl add the spices, flour, corn meal, and bread crumbs and blend very well and this will be your batter;

3. In a separate bowl add the large egg and milk and beat together and this will be your egg wash;

4. Now dip the chicken in the egg wash and ensure it well coated;

5. Now dip the egg wash chicken in the batter;

6. Place the battered chicken in a casserole and cover and refrigerate for 45 minutes for the batter to set.

7. Mean while prep your Joe to cook indirect at a temp of 275 degree F ;

8. After the 45 minutes place the chicken on the Kamado Joe and cook for thirty minutes then flip the chicken and cook for another 30 minutes;

9. Meanwhile that the wings a cooking for the last 30 minutes mix the Franks Hot Sauce and Diana sauce together;

10. Now cook the chicken for 15 more minutes and baste every 5 minutes.


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