Thursday, 12 January 2017

Grilling in the Winter

Grilling in the winter

Lots of folks are afraid to grill during the winter months because they find it too cold or don’t like dealing with the snow. Me personally it’s my favorite time of the year to fire up my Joe. Some will say that I am nuts but I personally get more joy out of it I honestly find it more rewarding and personally love the challenges from it. The colder it gets outside I find my Joe more efficient in maintaining temps and it actually gets to desired temp a little faster.

The Kamado Joe is made with a nice thick ceramic which makes it very efficient for grilling in sub-zero temperatures. Get your grilling gloves on and do some winter grilling its very rewarding and your Joe will never fail you and your family, guess and friends will thank you for it. 

Keeping warm while watching the grill in -20C lol

Here are my tips to make your winter grilling more enjoyable:

1.            Always cover your Joe with a cover but place a towel on top of the Joe before putting the cover on. The towel will absorb any moisture and prevent your Kamado Joe from freezing shut;

2.            You can bring your Joe near your patio door so you don’t have to go too far outside to grill or re-position it away from the cold winds;

3.            Use lighting cubes to light your grill instead of a electric lighter, or torch so that way you don’t spend much time outside;

4.            I recommend using a Kick Ash Basket  which gives the Joe a better air flow and makes it a lot easier to clean and make lighting process of the Joe a lot faster;

5.            Prep all your food inside your house;

6.            Dress warm for the weather and I also recommend using cast iron grates as it retains heat better;

7.            Winter is also the best time of the year to do some cold smoking;

8.            Try to keep the dome close don’t open it unless you really need to.

It’s that simple to grill in the winter get your grilling game on and don’t let the cold or snow scare you from grilling!

Happy Grilling!

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