Friday, 20 January 2017

Grilling with Children

I am a firm believer that BBQing should involve everyone. This is why I am a big supporter of teaching my daughter and son the art of grilling.  By doing so it builds good lasting memories, lasting bond and teaches them how to expend there culinary horizons outdoor to the grill. Furthermore it teaches them to respect and love good food a lot more and the process of prepping, making it, and the clean up after! Kids these days rather play on their electronics devices this is why it’s key to get them involved since memories aren't created in front of the TV. Grilling is a good life skill for them to learn.

There’s nothing better than spending quality time bonding with your family and children. Life is so short so why not appreciate and make the most of it while you still can. This is why I keep saying get them out and involved with you every time you fire up your Joe!

When teaching them how to BBQ be sure to take age into consideration. For young children you can get them to mix ingredients, form burger patties, brush meat with sauces, etc.., you can get them easily interested in grilling by getting their own apron, and grilling tools. Also ensure that they always wash there hands before handling any food and again if they step away.

With older children teaches them how to safely light the grill, the danger of hot grills, and how to properly extinguish, or turn off the grill. Also don’t forget to teach them proper food prep safety and very importantly how to take proper temp reading of meats to ensure they are fully cooked. Also ensure you teach them how to use a fire extinguisher in-case emergency ever arise near the grill. 

My son already Claimed my Classic Joe :)

Don’t forget to teach them on how to follow recipes and how think outside the box when creating a unique meals. Get them involved in creating their own recipes or get them to inspire you with recipes ideals. You might be surprise of the food and excellent flavors that usually turns out from this. 

His first Turkey

Here's some easy things to start them on the grills are Hot dogs, Sausages, Hamburgers, Corn on the cob, steaks, etc.., If you see that they really love grilling get them there own grill such as the Kamado Joe Junior. 

Happy Grilling! :)

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