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Grillgrates Review

I have been using Grillgrates for about six years now and let me tell you I am very impress with them! The fish doesn't stick and the extra flavor and juiciness you get from your meat is unbelievable!

Grillgrates has a nice raised rail design which allows a better surface area contact and better heat conduction which gives you perfect restaurant sear lines, while juices collect in the valleys then steam or sizzle adding even more flavor and moisture into your food. You can also add smoke pellets or wood chips to the valley to add a hint of smoke to fish and vegetables. The shape of the Grillgrates radiates with heat for fast, even cooking and the bottom protects greasy food like chicken against any flare-ups and drying heat. The fat drains off and burns in the bottom of the grill grate and not on the outside of your food. I also found over the years that Grillgrates actually locks in the flavors in whatever you cook which is pretty amazing. These grates make it so easy to create perfect dark crunchy grill marks which are amazing for any presentation.

I also noticed while using Grillgrates that it can amplify the temps of your Joe from 150-350 degrees. This also meant it makes your Joe a little more efficient.

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The Grillgrate tools which comes with each set as custom design prongs that fits between and below the rails to lift delicate food such as fish without damaging it and it doubles as a cleaning tool to clear the valleys of build-up. You can also order a set of Grillgrates Tongs which are amazing for flipping delicate food. GrillGrates cook via all methods of cooking: conduction, convection and infrared plus they provide you with a semi-indirect cooking method.

The only flaw that I found using them is that if you cook small items like shrimps. They can easily fall into the valleys of the grates but this can be easily rectified by flipping the grates upside down and cook them on the flat sides just like a griddle.

You can flip your grates upside down and use them to grill buns, or a quick stir-fry, or to cook the perfect burger, or to do some reverse searing.

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Each panel are made of aircraft grade aluminum that is anodized to make it harder than stainless steel, easy to clean, and completely rustproof and it'll handle temps over 1000 degrees. They come in different sizes and shapes to fit any grill! Each panels are 5.25" wide and they come in various length and are interlock-able to each other.

Installation only takes about 40 seconds you just have to interlock each Grillgrates section together. It’s that easy 

They are very easy to clean and to maintain. All you have to do is brush the carbon off after each cook with a wire brush. From time to time wash them in hot water and mild detergent.

The Grillgrates Company is pretty small company and there customer service is top notch which is nice to see as consumer and end user. Brad Barette the company owner always takes great pride to ensure that all his Grillgrates customers are completely satisfied with their product. 

 "GrillGrate LLC was founded in 2007 by Brad Barrett of Cartersville, GA. Frustrated by burning, undercooking, over-cooking and general stress at the grill, he recognized an opportunity. The cooking grate has never been a point of innovation. It's job was just to hold the food and not rust. And they don't do that very well. Traditional grill surfaces have not been additive to the cook- until now. The patented raised rail design over a bottom with holes in it delivers a healthier, more controlled grilling experience with mouthwatering results." Source:

I decided to include this chart that I made to compare them to Craycort Cast iron Grates and this will show you the difference between them and any other type of cast iron grates.

Craycort Cast Iron Grates

Flare Up Protection
Even Heat Distribution
The "Sizzle Effect"
Provides Semi-Direct Cooking


Non Stick
Easy Maintenance
Requires more maintenance and oiling or you grates will rust
Product Flaws
Grillgrates has tendency to slide around while brushing the hot grates or cold grates
Cast Iron Grates will rust if left in cooker for extended period of times.
Perfect for Searing
Interchangeable grill modules (griddle, chicken holders, etc..)

YES (They now have the Grillgrate Griddle)

Different size options
Makes juicier and more flavourful meats


Covers entire grill surface
NO   for ceramic         cooker version

YES for Propane grills

Limited Lifetime Warranty

I strongly recommend a set of grillgrates for your Kamado Joe they definitely work as advertise and they are the best for cooking fish and Chicken! I definitely rate them a 5 out 5 stars. 

You can order them from: Grillgrates and via 1-877-380-2527

All video have been obtain from the Grillgrates Youtube Channel. 

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