Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Smoked M'Italian Moink Balls

Well today I decided to cook some M'Italian Moink Balls! Well They are pretty easy to make and they are very tasty! Well I first started by mixing 1 pound of Lean ground beef with 3/4 pound Italian sausage meat together. While mixing the meat I blended some Kosher salt, Famous Dave Steak and Burger Seasoning, Olde Thompson Mesquite Grilling Seasoning and some Cattle Boyz Pepper Blend.

Now it's time to preheat the Joe to 225 F for some indirect cooking and smoking! I also pre-soaked my Jack Daniels wood chips in water while the grill heats up and well established fire is maintained!

For the bacon I used maple flavored bacon found at most grocery stores! I sliced the bacon in half since only half of a slice is needed for the balls. Now for the fun part I shaped all of my meat into 1.5 inch balls then wrapped them with a slice of bacon and used a toothpick to hold it together!

I now placed my wood chips on the hot coals and place my M'Italian Moink balls on the grill. I also gave them a light coating of Dizzy Pig Jamaican Firewalk spices for a little kick! Now let them smoke for 1 hour then spay them with a mixture of 2 OZ Jack Daniels and 6 OZ apple Juice and turn them and spray the other side and let it cook for extra 1 hour or till internal Moink balls reaches 160 degree F.

For the last few minutes of the cook I basted them with Tasty Licks Smoking Guitar Player's Secret Sauce from Fred's Music and BBQ.

You can serve them has appetizer or a meal! My kids love these and for them it's a meal!

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