Sunday, 5 February 2017

Breakfast Egg Sandwich

Who said that you couldn't do breakfast on the BBQ. Well today I decided to make my son's favorite breakfast on my classic Joe which are egg sandwiches! These are quick to make and are very delicious. You can make these on the Kamado Joe as long as you have a griddle, soapstone or you can cook them in a plane old frying pan. I decided to use my Kettle-Q Griddle which gives me more cooking surface then a frying pan. These are fun to make when camping or at home!

1. The first step in making these is to cook your bacon. I seasoned mine with a little Dizzy Pig Raging River Rub;

2. After the Bacon is ready its time to cook the slices of Ham and to start toasting the English Mcmuffin buns (cut each into two slice);

3. Once the buns are almost ready start cooking your eggs over hard (ensure the egg yolk is not runny);

4. Now that your eggs and English Mcmuffin buns are ready it's time to assemble the sandwich;

5. Put some mayonnaise on one half of buns and Cheese wiz on the other half;

6. Now place egg on one half;

7. Now place the slice of ham on top of egg;

8. Now place bacon on top of the ham and finish it off with the other slice of bun.

Enjoy and Bon App├ętit!!

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