Wednesday, 15 February 2017

SkewerMate Review

For this review I was sent the SkewerMate from John Solakian from All of us backyard grillers usually love cooking various styles of Kabobs on the grill. But most of us griller's came across the problems of getting hot food off the skewers which sometime can be a very messy job and hard to push the meat or food off the skewers especially on the disposable wooden ones.

Well the folks from SkewerMate came out with this wonderful unique and intuitive tool to make this task allot easier and less messier for us grillers.

The SkewerMate Features:

·       High quality stainless steel V-slot design which allows you to use it with all types and sizes of skewers (this groove is 1 inch deep);

·       The large surface surrounding the V-slot allows the pressure on food to be distributed evenly;

·       The angled push surface keeps fingers and hands off food, safely away from the hot skewer and food;

·       The soft rubber grip handle actually fits the contour of your hand very well, offers a comfy grip and the non-slip rubber prevents your hand from sliding while using;

·       Heavy gauge construction;

·       Best of all its dishwasher safe;

·       It's also backed by a satisfaction Guaranteed or you money back.

To use the SkewerMate tool you simply place the stainless steel V-Slot/Groove over the skewer behind all or a portion of the food to be removed, and push gently at the same time holding the skewer with the other hand. You will also notice that all your food will land exactly where you want it. Using this tool is allot less messier then trying to remove the food with your fingers, fork or simply trying gnawing right of the skewer. 

video from my old blog

If you're looking for a easy way to remove food from a skewer then this tool is for you. Also if you cook lots of Kabobs this tool is really handy to have in your BBQ accessories arsenal. I rate this tool 4 out 5 stars.

Here's were you can purchase a SkewerMate:

Directly from SkewerMate: SkewerMate Store

You can also follow SkewerMate on here:  SkewerMate Facebook Page

There website:

Happy Grillling!

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